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5 Tips for Recruitment Agencies Making Online Content

July 19, 2019

Is your recruitment business establishing itself as a thought leader with online content that attracts and engages your readers?

While most recruitment businesses do recognise the value of using content to enhance their brand's marketing potential, too many recruitment companies are throwing in the towel early by not creating content, or worse, by delivering sub-par content. We've looked into why recruitment agencies aren't creating great content and compiled the following tips to help you start delivering value to your online audience:

1. Don't write just for the sake of creating content

Great content provides value to the reader. So-called experts in digital marketing often mislead recruiters into creating content that's purely focused on targeting keywords. While keywords are undoubtedly an essential tool for search engine optimisation (SEO) focused traffic driving strategies, you must remain cognisant of the fact that all online content must deliver real value to its audience to drive engagement. It's this engagement with your content that will help you to build trust in your brand and help you to use you to convert readers into your future candidates and clients.

Before you start writing anything, you need to know exactly who your audience is for the piece of content you're creating. Is your content aimed towards candidates or clients? If it's aimed at candidates, then which type of candidate are your writing for: candidates that are already in the market for a specific job or candidates that are less proactive in their job search? Alternatively, if your content is going to target hiring managers, you may want to think about the specific industry and type of company they are working in.

The more granular you can get here, the more engaging your content will be to your audience.

2. Be a teacher

Don't just regurgitate information that your readers can get elsewhere, instead make use of the specific knowledge and insights that you have into your industry and specialisation to enlighten the reader. The best way to make your content immediately valuable is to teach the reader something they don't know already.

Your number one mission is to educate and engage, not to close a sale

When you're writing any blog or long-form content, your number one mission is to educate and engage, not to close a sale. While this isn't to say that your content can't deliver a strong narrative that pushes your sales message and drives towards getting potential candidates and clients to engage with your agency - you mustn't do this at the expense of providing your audience with value.

3. Understand the different types of online content

Writing short content like blog posts serves a very different purpose to long-form content.

The primary purpose of blog posts is to build long term engagement with your brand on social media, as well as help drive your paid marketing campaigns on social media via sponsored posts. As such, this type of content needs to catch people's attention immediately and drive eyeballs to your brand.

On the other hand, long-form content such as salary guides, ebooks and reports, are about positioning your agency as a leader in the field. These pieces of content need to deliver a high amount of value in one go. Ideally, this content will have enough value that your audience is willing to hand over their details before being able to access the content (this is called the lead magnet strategy).

4. Choose your topics carefully

Choosing which topics to write about is undoubtedly one of the hardest parts of creating great content. There are so many different topics that you can talk about in the recruitment industry, even taking into account the specific audience to target!

To make things easier, you can get started by just focusing on the kind of titles that you think might appeal to the audience you've chosen. Remember that your content's title needs to at once encapsulate the overall theme of the article or blog post, while at the same time being eye-catching to drive clicks and attract eyeballs online.

To grow your online audience, you need to think carefully about what topics you will talk about

A simple strategy that many online marketers use is to employ a combination of a number and a call to action or unexpected insight in the title : "The 5 key benefits from changing your career to sales", "3 reasons why highly successful account managers started their career as telemarketers", "The 7 key reasons why you're underpaid". This kind of content has a good track record of driving engagement on social media.

In the end, once you do manage to come up with a great title, do keep in mind that the article needs to first and foremost resonate with your chosen audience to be successful. Remember that most of your content will be almost certainly be being read mostly by the 97% of potential future candidates, not the small percentage of people that are actively looking for a job. This will have a massive influence on your choice of topics.

5. Don't write it all yourself

Even though recruiters are experts in their field, they most definitely are not experts in writing content. Don't expect yourself to be able to write half as efficiently or persuasively as an experienced professional in the field.

Our advice is to use a copywriter who will do the hard yards and can turn around an article or longer piece of content in less than a week. This way, you can deliver a steady stream of content to your audience consistently while concentratating on doing what you do best, which is understanding the trends in your industry. Leave the specifics of the prose to somebody who specialises in writing and doesn't need babysitting.

To get started with a copywriter, all you need to is a title for each article you want to get written, and a short brief which explains the topic and the critical points for the content piece to cover. I'll be covering more on exactly how to work with professional copywriters and the best ways to distribute your online content in the next blog article.

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