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How to start a valuable recruitment brand

How To Start Building a Valuable Recruitment Brand

July 15, 2019

With the stiff competition that most recruitment agencies are facing these days, standing out and developing a unique identity has never been more important.

While offering a high-quality service is vital, agencies that succeed in the long term usually have effective branding as the core of their marketing strategy.

This means they have built and nurtured a certain idea or perception about their company in the consumers’ minds. If they’ve been really successful with their branding campaign then when people think about the product or service they offer, they’ll automatically think of their brand as well. For example, when someone thinks of Android phones – they automatically think of Samsung. Even though there are dozens of other Android phones out there! The same can be said for everything from fast food and fine dining, to luxury motor vehicles and casual clothing. Tell us. Who did you think about when we mentioned those things? Whoever it was – they’ve done a great job of building their brand!

Why is Recruitment Branding so critical?

In the recruitment space, you can't focus solely on the consumer-facing brand. For your Recruitment company to be successful, you also need to think about employer branding. While it is essential to make your company stand out to potential job candidates, employer branding is a key ingredient if you want to close deals with the right kind of organisation.

Smart recruiters think about both client and employer branding

Just like there is competition to attract the most skilled and talented employees, there is also competition to appeal to the top companies with high-paying roles. If you and a competitor are trying to position yourselves with the same types of companies, a strong employer-facing brand could make all the difference.

Beating the competition

Employers are more likely to engage with agencies that have strong employer-facing brands. They’re more likely to be open to your value proposition, and talk to you about what roles they need to fill. This positive attitude means little extra effort is required to close a new client, and in turn it also attracts new and more qualified talent as your jobs database expands, which in turn helps you deliver a better service to your customers.

How do I get started?

1. First, identify your niche market

Not only will this help you find and attract the most talented candidates, it will also filter your appeal to those candidates that have the right experience in the industry you specialise in. And of course, this means you’ll also be able to target exactly the right type of client that needs your service.

2. Next, build your brand

This means both your candidate brand and your employer-facing brand. Develop an identity that shows WHAT you deliver and HOW you deliver it. Now, make sure that identity can be adapted for every touchpoint you have with clients and can didates. You don’t want Facebook to be giving one impression of your company, while LinkedIn gives a completely different one! Remember that your adverts and business collateral, such as business cards, letterheads and even invoices, need to echo this consistent identity.

3. Now expand your reach

When it comes to recruiting talented candidates, LinkedIn is one of your best allies. It’s the social media platform for professionals after all, that’s who you want to connect with. But focus on building your business page's follower list rather than your own. Having a big network is great, but it’s your business you want to promote first – then yourself.

4. Your brand needs to be consistent across every platform

This means everything, from your logo and business cards, to your website and social media pages, needs to be recognisable at first glance. Use the same fonts, the same formatting, the same colours and the same style across every medium and platform, whether it is digital or print, social media or business collateral. Post updates and articles consistently. So don’t post ten in one week, and then nothing for 4 months!

5. Your customers are advocates too

Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools you have. So work on keeping existing customers satisfied and turning them into advocates. Provide products and services they’ll WANT to recommend to others. Create content that they’ll want to share with their friends and followers. Know your customers and what makes them happy – then deliver it!

No one knows better than you what your company is capable of. So build your brand around that and deliver it flawlessly!

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