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The 3 Types of Passive Candidates You Need To Target

July 23, 2019

Your recruitment business should be actively targeting both active and passive candidates.

Yet, most agencies are neglecting to market effectively to the huge potential pool of candidates that are not proactively seeking a career change at the moment.

1. Open, but not actively seeking

These are people who are not actively seeking a new job, but who are open to a career change in the future.

Since these candidates aren’t looking for a new career at this moment, they will be more interested in aspirational content focusing on different career opportunities, as well as exploring the kind of lifestyle these opportunities bring.

How to Target Effectively

Focus on creating marketing content that shows to the potential future candidate what they might be missing out on in their current role.

Which roles allow for more travel opportunities? Which career paths are less strict with office hours, or allow remote working, leaving more time to spend with family? By making these candidates aware of the future they could have, you’ll help them finally make the decision to switch when they’re ready.

Update this content regularly on your blog and via social media; get them to sign up to your newsletter so they begin to associate your brand with the sort of career opportunity they want.

Since you don’t know exactly when they will want to change jobs, you need to frame your agency as the NUMBER ONE choice for when they do decide to pursue a career move. By demonstrating your expertise and being active with posting new content on your website and social media, you’ll give these candidates ample opportunity to actively engage with your agency and build a relationship. When they’re ready to make that career change, yours should be the agency that immediately springs to mind.

2. Tiptoers

These are people who are proactively looking for job opportunities in their network, but who aren’t actively applying for specific jobs. They may be open to talking to a recruitment consultant, but aren’t ready to jump into a new job straight away.

These candidates are already looking at different job opportunities in their immediate network.
How to Target Effectively

These candidates are very close to turning into the 3% of active candidates that are interested in applying for a job today. Your aim is to convert them into active candidates by presenting them with roles that are relevant to them. Get them excited about the types and breadth of opportunities waiting for them at the click of a button.

Tiptoers are likely to know exactly what type of job they are interested in pursuing, so keep building your relationship with these candidates by regularly showing them marketing content focused around specific roles relevant to them.

Similarly, outbound marketing (i.e. email campaigning) works on these candidates, but only for roles that you know will interest these type 2 candidates – otherwise these targeted emails will end up in the spam folder, or just swiftly deleted.

Ideally, get Tiptoers to sign up to a job feed on your website and make sure you give them every opportunity to convert into an active candidate with calls-to-action that request them to submit their CV.

3. Super passive

These people are actually happy with their existing job and cannot be swayed to leave.

How to Target Effectively

As these people are already happy where they are and have no intention of moving elsewhere, you can’t convert them into active candidates. However, they can still help you find new business by promoting your agency to their employer or hiring manager.

Target them with employer-focused content that demonstrates your expertise, while also being genuinely useful. Offer up helpful ‘how to’ guides on tracking down the right candidates for their type or size of business, articles on how to keep existing employees happy and so on – always with a friendly call to action suggesting they subscribe to your feed. Accompany these with testimonials you’ve received for recruitment work and make it clear yours is a professional, approachable agency that knows what it’s talking about and is eager to help employers hire the best talent, stress free.

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