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Why Recruiters Shouldn't Spend More Than 30 Minutes a Day Blogging

July 26, 2019

Your time is money which inevitably leads to a crunch when it comes to creating content for your website and social media.

The good news is that with these 3 tips it shouldn't take you any more than 30 minutes a day to create a relevant and engaging online content on a consistent basis:

1. Start with a brief

To get started with any type of writing you need an article brief. This is really just a summary of what your blog post will talk about. By writing a brief it will not only help you to articulate the points you’re trying to convey more effectively, it will also help you to generate more ideas about what you’re going to write about.

Start off by writing down bullet points for each of the main benefits/reasons/issues around your chosen topic. This should be a fairly simple process if you are familiar about the topic, and you only need 5-10 bullet points to get started.

Once you’ve got the main points written down, you can start thinking about widening your scope to add more value for your target audience. For example, if your topic revolves around the benefits of a career in sales, you could also add some points on the first steps to get into a sales position. If you know that your agency shines in a particular area, you can let this come out in your content by adding a note for your copywriter to mention your service here. Always make sure that you include some points in your brief that are actionable by your target audience now, as this will help you to drive readers towards becoming your clients.

Ideally, your brief should be a series of bullet points that runs to no more than about 200 words. If you’re writing more than this you’re probably in the mindset of writing the actual content rather than summarizing the key issues.

2. Use a copywriter

A good copywriter will take your brief and create content on your behalf with little to no involvement needed on your part.

We highly recommend using a copywriter that understands your industry and specialty. We’ve had good results from Get A Copywriter, who offer you a choice between a Standard or a Pro package depending on the level of experience you want. All you need to do to get started is sign up on their website and paste the brief you’ve written into the site and they’ll automatically allocate a copywriter that matches your requirements to you. Alternatively they also let you choose a copywriter yourself by choosing from pitches from each different copywriter.

A skilled copywriter that understands your industry can help you to create content consistently

Once you’ve chosen a copywriter, it should take them from about 3 days to about a week to finish an 800 word blog post. This means that if you need to build up your content quickly (e.g: multiple posts a week), you may want to consider posting multiple briefs at once allowing them to work on your content in parallel.

When the blog post is ready, you will usually get a few free revisions which will give you the chance to have the copywriter perfect any items in the article that may need to be tweaked. Once this is done you’re free to take the content and format it to use on your website and on social media. Make sure you put a little bit of effort into finding a cover image for each blog post. We recommend using a service like Pixabay to find free imagery that you can use on your blog.

3. Distribute your blog

Blog posts should never be kept on your website or inside of LinkedIn. Each post needs to be distributed far and wide across all of your social media channels.

One question that frequently pops up is whether you should be posting the blog post on your own website or using the internal blogging/article features of each social media platform as your main blogging platform. There’s no correct answer here as the best strategy is dependent on your marketing strategy.

For example, if you host the blog on your website, linking from social media will help to drive up traffic and increase your site’s ranking in Google search as well as create opportunities to capture client leads on your website. However you will miss out on opportunities to leverage the content distribution network of LinkedIn and/or Facebook to gain organic and sponsored reach with your content.

Our recommendation for recruiters that want to harness the best of both worlds, is to first post to their own blog on your own website and then share that post on all of your social media (including LinkedIn) and also repost the entire article inside the internal blogging feature of LinkedIn (LinkedIn articles). Remember that when you post inside of LinkedIn articles, you should always include a link back to the blog post on your own website as this helps to improve the way that Google ranks your own website’s content.

When it comes to gaining more engagement and followers, you should also consider boosting your posts to effectively monetize your investment in creating content. On LinkedIn you can sponsor either a post or a LinkedIn article, and we recommend that you give both types of paid campaign a try to see which ends up being more cost effective.

Remember that whether or not your are using paid marketing, your aim is to deliver valuable information to your audience and start building engagement and trust with your future clients or candidates. The good news is that the better your content is, the higher the audience engagement with your content will be, which will bring the cost of your marketing down!

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